Student-Athlete Faculty Mentor Program


The Plymouth State University Student-Athlete Faculty Mentor Program was established to strengthen the relationship and enhance communication between faculty, coaches and student-athletes as a means of ensuring academic success. We appreciate the uniqueness of the student-athlete experience and the challenges associated with balancing academic and athletic obligations.  Accordingly, the mentors provide student-athletes with support and guidance to become value-added members of the broader Plymouth community.  

Benefits for the Student-Athlete:

  1. Engage with faculty outside the traditional classroom.
  2. Acquire strategies to succeed in the classroom and the greater Plymouth community.
  3. Have a faculty advocate who supports the student-athletes’ personal growth and success. 

Benefits for the Faculty Mentor:

  1. Build strong connections with student-athletes and coaches.
  2. Inclusion in team functions (practices, games, celebrations, etc.).
  3. Share in the team’s growth and development.
  4. Receive team apparel.
  5. Provide a service to the Athletic Department.
  6. Be a big fan! 

Potential Roles of the Faculty Mentor:

  1. To promote understanding and communication between faculty and student-athlete.
  2. To provide student-athletes with an additional resource to navigate academia.
  3. To electively participate and attend team functions (practices, games, etc.).
  4. To support the student-athlete’s academic and professional development.
  5. To meet with prospective student-athletes during campus visits, if available.
  6. To support the student-athlete recruitment and retention efforts. 

Benefits for the Coach:

  1. Build a professional relationship with a faculty member.
  2. Have a member of the faculty who can answer academic related questions.
  3. Have a faculty advocate.
  4. Have an additional campus member who can assist with official campus visits to help with recruitment/retention efforts.
  5. Allow faculty to experience team culture.
  6. Support the cluster model.  


  How do I become a Faculty Mentor volunteer?

  • Contact the Chair of the Athletic Council to indicate your preference for no more than three athletic teams that you would like to mentor.

What exactly would a Faculty Mentor have to do?

  • Be a fan
  • See Potential Roles of the Faculty Mentor

How long would I be a Faculty Mentor?

  • Faculty would serve for a minimum of one year and the role is renewable upon request.

What would the Faculty Mentor not be responsible for doing?

  • The faculty is not expected to be part of the coaching staff
  • The faculty is not expected to deal with parental concerns

Can this service be part of the Faculty’s Workplan?

  • Yes, work with your department P&T committee and/or Chair

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Remember this is a professional relationship with student-athletes, coaches, and parents.
  • You will be given the opportunity to read and understand the Athletic Department Policies and Procedures Manual.