Nick Vailas Performance Center


In reponse to the COVID-19 pandemic, Plymouth State University has closed all facilities to the public. This includes Hanaway Rink, the PE Center (including Vailas Performance Center, PSU Natatorium, Foley Gymnasium and racquetball courts) and ALLWell North. Likewise, all public walking and swimming times have been canceled indefinitely. 


The fitness room in the athletic department was renovated and expanded in 2004, and with the support of Nick Vailas '76, the Vailas Performance Center was born. The facility has become a major boost to the strength and conditioning of Panther student-athletes.

PSU Athletics and physical education students benefit from improvements to equipment used by students and athletes for fitness. The weight training program serves three purposes: 1) to provide a safe environment for all student-athletes to develop their skills and abilities; 2) to provide a teaching lab students in the Health and Human Enrichment cluster; and 3) to prevent injury and improve performance.

The Vailas Performance Center is a facility that is both attractive and safe for student-athletes. It focuses attention to the needs of PSU's athletic teams individually in an area that is both gender friendly and supported by professionals who have the capacity to develop the diverse programming needed for the many types of student-athletes at Plymouth State.

The creation of the Vailas Performance Center offers an opportunity for Health and Human Enrichment students to enhance their knowledge and experience in the types of training involved in a strength and conditioning program. The exposure to basic through complex techniques of functional training will allow students majoring in athletic training to develop the competencies and skills needed to be competitive in a growing career field.

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Vailas Performance Center

Vailas Performance Center  

Vailas Performance Center